Leandra Ramm | Mezzo-Soprano

Darwin in Malibu

Date(s) - April 12, 2016
8:00 pm - 10:00 pm -

Berkeley City Club

Darwin in Malibu is a critically acclaimed play that was originally produced in England in 2003, and subsequently had a US premiere jointly at the Falcon Theatre in LA and Bay Street Theatre in New York (staring Hal Linden as Darwin) in 2006. The play has not been widely produced, and has not had a Bay Area premiere.
The play takes as its basis a re-play of the famous 1860 debate between Thomas Huxley and the Bishop of Oxford about Darwin’s theory of Evolution. But this one takes place in the living room of Darwin’s house in Malibu, where, after 150 years of retirement, he hangs out at the beach, reads pulp novels, and sips fruit smoothies with his young California girlfriend Sarah. The exploration not only recovers the ground of the original debate (with some clever twists), but also becomes an exploration of the meaning of life, the human heart, and what the limits and nature of science are, when mortality is all too real.

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