Leandra Ramm | Mezzo-Soprano

One Night With You

Leandra Ramm
One Woman Show


Andrew Lonsdale


Andrew Lonsdale, Leandra Ramm, Dagmar Spain

Musical Director:

Brad Ross

Stage Manager:

Iorgo Papoutsas


Fred Coscia


Brad Ross

United Solo Theatre Festival presented the one woman autobiographical play with music, One Night With You, performed by Leandra Ramm to a sold out audience, Off-Broadway at Theatre Row in New York City. Starring in various television series, and with her book “Stalking a Diva”, Leandra Ramm tells her amazing life story in an unforgettable one night engagement.

To book Leandra and her show “One Night With You” please contact us through the contact page of this website.

Audience Response

“What a great show you put on tonight, Leandra!  Funny!  And I do believe you could put that material across at in Yankee Stadium.  And great support from your accompanist….if a beat was dropped, I didn’t hear it.  And all those great writers!  You have marvelous versatility and are a complete professional.”

“Very proud to have been Seat #1 and look forward to seeing you succeed up and down Broadway.  Enjoy this moment.”

“GREAT JOB!!! I really enjoyed myself!”

“She’s amazing…and lots of kanki!”

“It really was a great show. Anyone that missed it will be able to see it on facebook soon. Nothing better then seeing a live show. Support the arts everyone – Thanks Leandra Ramm for a really cool show.”

“It was really my pleasure meeting you tonight, I enjoyed your show because you’re amazing, So I really wish you the best of luck and more success. Keep it up super star :))”

“Congratulations Leandra! You performed beautifully!”

“She’s amazing…and lots of kanki!”

“This show is a dynamic narrative/musical tour based in an impacting, inspiring, revealing and encouraging True Story. Leandra Ramm is absolutely nothing less than a fascinating performer, whose vocal skills, genuine delivery, reaching-out emotion, and colorful versatile, confident rendition make a true and delightful assemblage not to be missed!!”

“Geat job last night!  I hope you’re feeling high and proud! It went really well!”

“She’s amazing…and lots of kanki!”