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How The Law Is Standing Up to Cyberstalking

I am the center of a wonderful article about cyberstalking in NEWSWEEK that has come out today! Please read the article HERE


Newsweek author, Katharine Quarmby, speaks more about the issue on her blog:



Thank you to D Rocca for documenting my entire story in my book Stalking A Diva. I’m grateful to be a survivor and proud to be an advocate for change. With my non-profit organization The Alliance Against Cybercrime  we are pathing a road to change. Our next big event is speaking at the Council of International Investigators 60th Annual General Meeting in September, taking place in San Francisco.


I hope you enjoy the NEWSWEEK article! You can also read my latest newsletter about this HERE!

Enjoy the end of Summer!





1 thought on “How The Law Is Standing Up to Cyberstalking”

  1. I am currently being cyberstalked by my ex. While law enforcement claims they cant do anything he continues to do this.

    I continue to seek answers.

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