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Great Gigs for Your Golden Years

Great Gigs for Your Golden Years

by Karen Weeks of elderwellness.net As we get older, we typically look forward to retirement. However, retirement can get boring fast. If you are ready to go back to work or don’t want to quit your career altogether, keep reading. Here, we will take a look at a few ways you can continue to earn a paycheck

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Playing Judy Garland!

I just finished THE BOY FROM OZ at The Gateway Theatre in San Francisco where I played Judy Garland. This was such a wonderful role for me. In my research of Judy, I became fascinated with her amazing life and beautiful voice. She was an incredible spirit. Her life was filled with ups and downs,

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Food and Pregnancy

Food! It can be our greatest medicine, our worst poison, or somewhere in between. When I became pregnant in November 2017, out of the blue, I developed a huge sensitivity to many foods. I took a food sensitivity test because I had an extreme eczema breakout, and found out I was highly sensitive to malt

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